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Some games lagg completely while others run finwe on Rx580. pc building site custom pc builder

Hello guys,

So 2 weeks ago I bought a new PowerColor Rx580 and it runs smoothly on idle. However, today I wanted to play some new games and found that various games like The Wittness or infinifactory have constant lags while others like Fallout 4 or Owerwatch run completely fine.

I have posted some screens a few days ago and the only thing that sticked out to me as well as other redditors was the fact that my fb-usage is always 100%. Every other stat was completely fine, as well as the temperature etc. I thought it had to do with my 144hz monitor but it stays that way no matter how I do tweak the hz output.

Any ideas why this could happen ?

I installed every driver, uninstalled the old ones via ddu, have new bios and basically new everything.

I fear that this is hardware or even mining related ( I read that some viruses only use your fb-usage on the gpu) and would be glad for any info !


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