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Specs to keep in mind for computer meant for programming? pc building site custom pc builder

My nephew (16yo) will be attending his first hackathon in about a month. He has been coding since he was 10, but only recently did he transfer to a school which gives him exposure to interschool competitions and the like. He is extremely excited about it, and talks about it whenever we meet. However, he has a desktop and the hackathon permits only laptops, so I decided to gift him a laptop. He doesn't know that I will be gifting (meant to be a surprise). From what I've gathered, he primarily wants to use Eclipse and IntelliJ iDea for Java and PyCharm for python. The former two run fine on his desktop (i5 4440, 8GB ram), and he hasn't gotten the chance to use PyCharm on it yet. So I plan on getting a laptop with a quad core i5, and 8GB ram. Do you think an i7 would suit him better? Not really knowledgeable about the topic. Also, anything else which you think might be essential for coding/the hackathon?

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