martes, 18 de julio de 2017

Steam games only showing first frame or black screen after reinstalling 960 pc building site custom pc builder

Geforce 960 amd 8350 8gb ram windows 7 Driver 384.76

Recently my steam games have been showing A black screen on start (currently showing the first frame after reinstalling driver)

Work bought a 1080 and was having problems with it. So i was told to take it home and test to see if it is a bad card or not. Install 1080 in to my computer boot it up and it works great. Take the 1080 back to work and re-install my 960. I play some games but with bad screen tearing. Tried forcing v-sync but that didn't help and saw i had a driver update. Proceed with the update and reboot.

Currently where I am at. Everything else runs fine. Google wasn't much help so I have come here. Thanks for any help.

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