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Taking my PC when moving to Japan pc building site custom pc builder

I am going to be moving to Japan in just under 4 weeks and I would like to take my PC with me. It is a mini ITX build so it shouldn't be much of a problem to take with me, at least I hope so. I looked into shipping everything but the cost and horror stories deterred me from that option.

My current plan is to take the motherboard with everything still installed (i.e. CPU, CPU cooler, RAM) in my hand luggage. The CPU cooler is a Noctua nh-l9i so this should be able to fit into the motherboard box with no issues. I still have the anti-static bag the motherboard came in so I will use that. The GPU I will put into it's box and either put into my checked luggage or carry on if I have enough room. SSDs and HDD I will take in my carry on. I will put everything into anti-static bags as well, and also take any important cables with me.

I plan to buy a new PSU, case and monitor when I get out there as they are the bulkiest and heaviest components. Space is going to be a bit of a commodity for me.

What I am wondering is a few things:

  • Is this a good way of doing this? Is there something obvious that I have overlooked which could break everything?
  • Will security be likely to kick up a fuss when I am going through? I am flying from London Heathrow, so I'm assuming that I will have to take the stuff in my carry on out to be checked.
  • Does anyone know the best websites to buy computer components when in Japan? I am in a more rural area so I doubt there will be many shops around, though Kyoto is about an hour away by train so that is an option.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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