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The $250 Build Challenge pc building site custom pc builder

If you had only $250 to spend on a brand-new PC, what would you put in it? That's the challenge I am proposing (for fun.) I routinely try to challenge myself this way and keep my skills sharp.

RULES: - $250 USD, no rebates. Sales are fine. All parts must be new and sold by NewEgg. Must be a computer you'd actually want to use, or that would fit a purpose well. Just the PC: no keyboard, monitor or mouse, but must have all needed fans/cables.

Here is what I went with.

The Build's Bio:

This would IMHO be a good machine for typical office and student use, watching movies, social networking, basic gaming (2D games, old 3D games.) Intended for moderate multitasking. Sufficiently snappy and reasonably abundant storage for a neat freak (but not a data hoarder).

The CPU/mobo combo keeps cost down but provides a decent amount of power with 4 hardware threads. I've always been fond of ASrock's boards and Apollo Lake is a decent performer. This edged out AMD's Kabini APUs for the boost clock and dual-channel memory support (though the Kabini would have better graphics performance.) I paired it with close to the max supported memory speed in 2 identical sticks to maximize its potential. I consider an SSD crucial for responsiveness, so I splurged on a modest (but quality) model. I've built in a DIY-PC case before and it was a good experience- it was no-frills but problem-free. The PSU far overshoots what this system will draw but is of good quality and leaves more than enough room for a discrete GPU later.

The motherboard includes SATA cables for the two drives already.

BIGGEST UPGRADE THIS MACHINE COULD USE: A cheap GPU for 720p-1080p casual gaming. Nothing over $100, though- the CPU will hold higher-end cards back, limiting the utility of the investment.

With a little effort this could be altered into a tiny ITX machine, but this might raise the cost somewhat.

Interested to see what you come up with! I'd love to do YouTube videos with this theme. Maybe if I had sponsors, ha!

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