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The GT 1030 is better than most people are giving it credit for. pc building site custom pc builder

There's a ton of reasons why this card is totally acceptable to buy, and I think a lot of people dissing it haven't actually looked at the benchmarks, but here's my reasons why it's not so bad:

  1. I keep seeing people say a 1050 is only $20 more. Actually it's typically around $40 more, sometimes even more than that looking at various prices on the internet. Why get a 1050? A 1050 ti is only $30-$40 more. Why get a 1050 ti, when you can get a gtx 970 for $50 more, and we can go on and on.

  2. If you only play a few specific games and aren't interested in maxing everything out it can be a perfectly fine solution. Surprisingly though it can max out some newer games @ 1080p.

  3. Maybe you want a cheap lan at your house. You can get some decent i3 desktops for dirt cheap on ebay and throw one of these in each. Bam you have a reasonable lan setup for a lot less than you might think.

  4. I don't think there's a single game out this won't let you play. Maybe you're a kid on a real low budget.

  5. Very quiet some come with no fan at all, perfect for a htpc.

All in all Nvidia has finally made a decent non 50 (650/750/950 etc) series card. We should be praising them for something legitimately usable finally. I got one open box for $55 and can't believe how good this thing is.

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