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The type of fans I use for the exhaust matter? pc building site custom pc builder

Currently have a corsair 460x case. Was originally going to get the fractal design define S but I decided to go with the corsair. I just bought the coolermaster 240 AIO and I was thinking about doing a push pull config on the front of my case, and for the fans I'll be using 4 120 Noctua fans and for the top I can use the 2 fans the AIO came with and the rear I can use the corsair fan that came with my case (top and rear would be exhaust). Does the fans really matter when it comes to exhaust?

Also I spent 85 for the coolermaster 240 and another 80 total for my noctua fans, am I better off just buying a better AIO for the same price? Something that's better quality. If so which one? I can fit a 240 or 360 on the front of my case.

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