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[Troubleshooting] I feel like my new 1070 is performing worse than my old 290? pc building site custom pc builder

I have an FX 8350 Clocked at 4.5 GHz with a Gigabyte 970a-UD3P and it's pretty stable paired with 8GB OF DDR3 1600MHZ of RAM and a new Strix 1070 that I just got. I feel like my performance in Overwatch is sub par to what should be happening. Ryzen 5 is in the mail but I'm just wondering is my CPU bottlenecking this card very hard? If I dial my overclock down to a more stable 4.4GHZ would that make any difference?

Like this youtube video has this guy playing a comp game on epic settings with my incoming R5 1600 PAIRED with a 1070 and is getting 144+ FPS (WHAT I Need for 144hz monitor) and meanwhile I'm struggling to do that right now on medium settings. I know Overwatch is CPU-BOUND but by how much?

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