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(Troubleshooting) Re-installing Windows10, is there a better way? pc building site custom pc builder

Hey guys, my files on my PC are all messed up. I'm running a 250gb SSD and a 1TB HHD. Currently, my intention was to have all my windows files on my SSD and a few games I was playing at the time, and everything else on my HHD. During installation I was messing with the direct locations of a few of my folders and I screwed it up, so I have random folders floating around and a games installed in random places. I wanted to do a fresh reinstall and I've found a few guides on how to move the Users folder onto my HHD during an installation. I've copied all my games and documents that I wanted onto a portable hd and I was going to do a fresh install with a win10 USB I have. Would the correct way to do this be format my HHD and then reinstall on the SSD, moving the Users folder during install? Any help would be great :)

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