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Trying to build my first PC. Check out my part list. pc building site custom pc builder

Trying to build my first PC. Check out my part list.

I have been out of gaming so I was just gonna use a friends video card from like 2011 that will blow away the POS laptop I have been using.

What is your intended use for this build? I need a PC to cut some gopro videos together. Will be doing some light gaming to start with,.. then pop in a $200 video card when I want to move up.

I have a POS monitor that is smaller than 1080 in resolution. Will have to upgrade to a 1080resolution monitor later. I will be getting a larger drive later when i can afford another 200 bucks but I just wanted to get this thing off the ground sooner than later.

My budget is about 800 bucks.... might be willing to go higher if needed. WOuld need to push back my build date.

Im in the USA.

Should i bother looking at slower RAM that is cheaper? or is that not really worth it. I feel rather uncertain about motherboard... but I havnt found anything better.

Any input is appreciated.

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