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Two different hard drives running at once? pc building site custom pc builder

Hello all,

I currently in the process of building a PC. I'm ordering parts paycheck to paycheck. I will mostly be using this PC for gaming and editing video (I've had a GoPro for 3 years and have done nothing with all my footage).

I was looking at my options for my storage devices and the obvious choice is SSD. Other than price, it's the best performing.... as everyone knows.

Then I had a thought. What if I get a 256GB SSD drive to run my operating system and favored applications and then another 1 to 2 TB HDD (7200rpm?) to store all other media?

My question could these both be internal? Could these run at the same time? Will this be difficult to setup? Maybe I should start with the basics.... would this work at all?

Motherboard info: Asus Maximus ix Code

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