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Upgrade to 1440p 144hz G-sync monitor worth it? pc building site custom pc builder

At the moment I have a 1440p 60hz (non g-sync) monitor and I'm considering upgrading. I love 2K resolution but I also want more frames because 120+fps is a huge advantage for gaming (especially in FPS games). I'm also researching g-sync monitors and noticed they are much more expensive.

Basically I have two options: 1) Upgrade to a GTX 1080 and buy a 2K 144hz monitor w/ g-sync 2) Keep my current specs and drop down to a 1080p 144hz monitor that also has g-sync

*Is it worth the upgrade? And is g-sync really good enough to pay extra for?

Current specs: i5 6600k, EVGA GTX 1070, 16GB 3200mhz ram, 250 GB SSD, 1TB WD Blue x2

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from /r/buildapc - Planning on building a computer but need some advice? This is the place to ask! https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/6pstp6/upgrade_to_1440p_144hz_gsync_monitor_worth_it/
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