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Upgrading GTX980 for better surround performance pc building site custom pc builder

I built my current setup as a mini ITX so I could take it back and forth with me for seasonal work. I recently bought a 1070 laptop so I would like to make this setup in a full sized ITX build. Current components:

Intel Core i7-4790K 4.4 GHz liquid cooled (Seidon)


3x ASUS PB258Q 25"


2 Striped SSDs


Windows on M.2 SSD

Gold 750W EVGA PSU

I am looking to upgrade my graphics by either getting another 980 (would be cheap upgrade) or selling 980 and getting a Windforce 1080 ($500 on Amazon). Either way it would cost me roughly $250. What is more worth it for a 4320x2560 surround setup? 2x980 or 1x1080? I am also not opposed to trying out water-cooling for the GFX card/s.

Any suggestions on a motherboard that has m.2 support and SLI support?

Major things for upgrade would be new case, GFX setup, and motherboard.

I appreciate your time/effort!

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