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What is a good mobo that isn't built specifically for gaming? pc building site custom pc builder

I am looking to build a new PC and I am starting with the mobo.

I am looking for a future proof non-gaming mobo (no need for multiple GPU slots or SLI etc...) within the ball park of around $200 NZD ($147 USD).

The features that I am most interested in support for:

  • DDR4 RAM (minimum 16GB)

  • Intel i7 (Base 3.4k and up)

  • M.2 NvME or SATA3 (for SSD)

  • A graphics card that I can watch HD movies and things on etc...

Id like this mobo to be future proof so I can keep upgrading parts without having to buy another mobo anytime soon. I was thinking about getting the 1551 socket but Intel has already released 2 generations of its CPU's already so I'm worried that the 1551 socket may become obsolete soon.

A gaming one would be perfect just without the double GPU slots which I only need one.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I could go with?


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