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What should I buy next? pc building site custom pc builder

Here's my current build:

CPU: i5-4690 (no K)

GPU: GTX 980 Ti

RAM: 16 GB

PSU: EVGA G2 1300W

Monitor: 27 inch, 1440p, 144 Hz, no G-sync

Budget: ~$1000

I was wondering about the processor since people always tell me that I should have an i7 instead of an i5. How true is this? Is the i7 actually any better than the i5? Also, I don't intend to overclock, so is there any benefit of getting a K?

My GPU works pretty well for me, but I'm worried it won't last well into the future. It runs pretty much everything at ultra right now, but I'm not sure how that'll hold up in a few years. Would it be worth it to buy a second one and SLI or to buy a 1080 Ti?

I've also been thinking about 4K, but I'm a little hesitant because it involves overclocking. Is there a way to run 4K games well without overclocking, or is it a necessity? If it's not, then would my Ti by itself be enough to handle 4K at medium-high, or would I need better hardware? Speaking of which, is 4K that much of an improvement from 1440p?

Sorry for all these questions, I just don't want to screw up and make a dumb purchase.

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