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Which processor to go with 1080? pc building site custom pc builder

I'm really new to the PC scene and will be getting my first one in a month or two. I've got a bit of a two part question. Firstly, I was curious about whether I should get an i5 or i7 processor? I've got a 1080 and the mobo is a gigabyte ga z270xp sli atx lga1151. I don't really think I'd be overclocking anything, but that's also assuming that this build is powerful enough to run everything well on ultra settings. I'm primarily an fps player but would like the option to play large AAA games.

The second part is the monitor, I cannot seem to find a monitor that's not insanely priced (I mean $600+). I just want a 144Hz monitor that supports gsync and can display 1440p. Though if that's not a realistic price expectation, then I'd be willing to go higher. As far as size, I'd prefer it to be 21"-24".

Also, I saw another thread where this guy was asking about having different refresh rate monitors. He was asking if that would cause any problems and he was getting mixed answers. My current monitor is 60Hz so would using this with the new monitor, whatever it may be, lower my fps in game to match the refresh rate of the other monitor? Or will they work well together?

Thanks in advance to any help.

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