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[Workstation] Graphic card with one or two displayport outputs? pc building site custom pc builder

I am almost done with my workstation build which I am going to use for programming mainly and watching movies in 1440p where the aim is to have a powerful CPU and overall parts but also that the build needs to be quiet.

No gaming is going to occur at all due to me giving up gaming as a concept, my OS will be Kubuntu (Linux) with dual monitors (1440p, 2560x1440)

Which GPU could I buy and do I need one or two displayport outputs? I have read that you can use one displayport cable for two monitors. My CPU will not include a integrated graphic and therefore I need to buy a external graphic card.


At home I already have three Samsung 850 EVO so I do not need any SSD:s. Why the PSU somebody may say? Because it is half-passive and I know it will not use that much juice but I could not find a lower watt PSU in that category.

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