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Worth buying used PC - AMD 8370 + GTX 960? pc building site custom pc builder

I've been keeping an eye out on my local listings since I've been looking for a cheap gaming PC. I mainly game on console but looking for something that can run titles that are not available on PC, like CS:GO and PUBG.

I came across this PC for $400:

AMD 8370

MSI 970

Cooler master g750m power supply


NZXT MID tower case

1TB HDD - wd10ezex

16 gigs of ram

Is it worth the price? Will it last me a couple of years, or would these parts be obsolete in a few months and not support any newer games? And how easy would it be to upgrade individual parts down the line?

Or should I look for a mobo that can run Intel CPUs?

Thanks for the help!

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