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Worth upgrading? pc building site custom pc builder

I want to update my current build I have been using my rig for gaming, and some 3D rendering Premier Pro ext.

Budget $1000 max (AUD) [$768 USD] Ignore delivery costs

Location Australia, Pc Case Gear is the best place for pricing.

My current build:

  • GPU: GTX 970
  • MotherBoard: Asrock H87M-ITX
  • Power Supply: Corsair CX500
  • RAM: 8 Gig Corsair Vengence
  • CPU: Intel i5-4430 (2013)
  • Storage: Samsung Evo 120G SSD / Samsung Evo 500G

I was wondering if is would be worth upgrading to the new Intel Core i5 7600K and overclocking. Do you think the performance increase would be worth it? Of course I would have to get a new motherboard and RAM for the new socket. What would you do, wait, or upgrade?

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