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Would like thoughts on my next course of action. pc building site custom pc builder

So I have saved up enough money with the intention of upgrading my monitors. I currently have two 24" 1080p 144hz monitors, but one is a defective AOC that I've received a refund for. I was thinking of making my working monitor a secondary and purchasing either a 24" or 27" 1440p 144hz monitor to be my primary.

My thought process is that there will always be new graphics cards and sales, and while my GPU isn't the most powerful, it could still probably handle 2k gaming with 100+ fps where it matters (such as csgo, rocket league, pubg when it gets optimized etc.)

So with that in mind, as well as my current build listed below, is this the best course of action for upgrading my setup? I was thinking it would sort of future proof my monitor setup for a while and I can save up for a new GPU later down the road. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Current specs: i5 4690k Sapphire Radeon r9 390 16gb ram AOC G2460PF (Defective) AOC G2460PQU

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