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Would this gpu be good for overwatch, max settings, 60fps? pc building site custom pc builder

Hi, I have started saving up for a new pc as I have to share my dad's pc with my younger brother and it gets annoying, not to mention my dad is finishing college. I have bought a motherboard and a case so far and I know every other part I want to get but I'm stumped on what GPU I want. For reference, my dad has a single gtx 970 and an i7 7600k 4.0GHz and can run CSGO at 272 FPS and Overwatch max settings at 70fps . I am getting an i7 7700k 4.2GHz but I found a gpu that might work. . My dad said that a GPU that has 4GB of memory would be more than enough for what I'm doing, including streaming eventually. Please give me some input.

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